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"My journey with the Emotion Code has been amazing, uplifting, and powerful. Working with Angela has allowed me to release pent up emotions that I have been holding onto since a childhood trauma. The Emotion Code has freed me from the negativity that I have been carrying for about 20 years. I now feel more comfortable with myself, have a better control on my emotions, and overall feel much happier. My favorite part about the Emotion Code is my body does the talking for me. Angela encourages me to share only what makes me comfortable and never pushes for  information. In addition to the Emotion Code, Angela has delightful aromatherapy blends specifically designed to aid in processing and releasing trapped emotions. These blends have been beneficial  processing period. Words cannot describe how helpful this journey has been to my overall well-being, which is something that needs to be experienced firsthand. I truly believe the Emotion Code could make improvements to anyone’s life!"

~ `Thanks! Casey

Working with Angela with Emotion Code has literally changed my life. I have been working for years with excellent holistic practitioners to resolve my health issues. One of those practitioners felt that, after much extensive work, there was something more going on within me, causing my body not to heal as it should. She suggested that I work with Angela to see how Emotion Code could accelerate my healing. Within weeks, I no longer needed to take anything to alleviate my anxiety. It was so amazing to be able to handle usual stressors with calm and focus! The best news of all, was that my lab results and scans showed the inflammation that had been plaguing my body for decades, is finally under control!
It is no surprise how our emotions can effect our outlook on life and how we handle stress, but to see just how much they have an impact on our health and well being is astonishing! Thank you Angela!

~ Denise B.

I have had a few emotional emergencies where I literally felt as though I couldn't function. Each time Angela has worked on me during those times I have instantly felt calmer and more even-keeled. I am starting to do sessions consistently now, rather than just waiting for an emergency, and I can see a big difference in my over all emotional state. I have done other forms of energy work over the years, but E-code has hands down, been the most effective for me. This type of energy balancing gets to the root cause of the emotional issues that you are experiencing, and that is why it has been so profound for me.

~ Melanie

I cannot believe how much better and deeper I could breathe after my first Emotion Code session. Over the last few weeks as I have continued E-code with Angela, I have felt more relaxed and focused in all areas of my life. The essential oils she has recommended are the perfect compliment, as they really help to increase the effectiveness of my sessions.

~ Tabitha D.