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Emotional Essential Oil Blends

We created a collection of Essential Oil Blends that will enhance Balance and Harmony in your Body. Each of the following Essential Oil blends
 have been carefully combined, so they can support each persons
 individualized Emotional Health and Well-Being.

~ Soothe & Relax Blend ~
This blend is specifically for people with anxiety, exhaustion,
feeling overwhelmed and an overactive mind.

~ Inner Peace Blend ~
Individuals that experienced shock and trauma can certainly benefit from this particular blend. It is calming and soothing to the heart, as well as relaxing
 to the nervous system. Great adrenal support.

~ Harmony Blend ~
A wonderful combination of oils that keep you grounded and balanced. It can
 also combat loneliness, and can be supportive when a person is
withdrawn and separated. Very uplifting.

~ Sunshine Blend ~
Everyone needs to have a daily dose of our 'Happy Blend'! The citrus oils
 are incredibly uplifting and inspiring, and will put an instant smile
  on your face. Let go of fear, guilt and feeling worthless!

~ Courage Blend ~
Do you feel defeated, have a victim mentality or feel co-dependent?
This amazing oil blend gives you the courage to say: 'No', set boundaries,
 and encourages self-expression.

~ Nite Nite ~
Are you having difficulties sleeping? Than this oil blend is for you. Each one of the
ingredients are calming, soothing, antispasmodic and very relaxing

~ Transitional Blend ~
This particular blend is designed to help you move forward when you are in
the midst of transition and change. This can include a change of jobs,
 moving, a separation, a new relationship, a new baby, losing a loved one.

~Meditation Blend ~
Our spiritual oil blend consists of Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, and several additional oils, that were all used in biblical times, and until this day highly valued. They encourage emotional healing on all levels, they calm the mind and quiet the heart, promote tranquility, and deepen spiritual meditation.

Each Essential Oil Blend comes in a 10ml Roll on bottle, which is
easy and effortless to apply to pressure points, the neck/spine, feet/ankles, behind the ears, each specific chakra, or where ever
your intuition leads you to.

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Disclaimer: The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent
any illness or disease,  nor are they intended to replace proper medical care.